In this weeks Wednesday lesson we had our seminar first and then had our lecture. The first part of the morning was about getting creative and had the usual fun practical lesson. We were shown different was of learning and making learning  fun and interesting, through different technics, such as using art.Learning does not have to be boring and mass of papers with words from note taking. Different ways how to make learning fun are:

  • Drawing essay’s before writing them
  • Coming out of your comfort zone
  • visual note taking
  • using technology and playing around with it

Pushing your self to try new things is very scary, trust me I know, even starting this course and entering the university life was a very big step for me. No one in my family has been to university and barely even finished secondary school due to war, so it is stressful as i want to succeed. I am realising that it does not have to be stressful in a bad way, embrace it and make it fun, by finding different ways of doing so. I really did enjoy todays lesson and really did motivate me and even got me starting my poster for my digital project, which lead me actually finishing it!!

Looking at the previous digital projects had scared the life out of me the other week but when todays lecture had finished I was inspired. Technology and all this fancy project are not as hard as they seem, I came out my comfort zone and ended up picking the digital project that to me seemed the hardest. From the feedback I have received I am feeling much more confident and I am very impressed with my self. Dont worry, in the next few weeks I will share the famous project.

Let me get back on track! So we went on the drawing a stick man, YES I said it, a stick man and then draw a stick figure of our selves. Here is mine:
image We then had an activity to draw five things in a minute, by choosing one of the words from the list given. I only got to draw four, have a guess what they are.

The first picture is far away, second is not. third is reflection and last but not least a brick wall. After all the fun Sandra left us and Tom gave us the lecture. He talked about being systematic, being a sceptic and being ethical.