Today we carried on from week 4’s seminar where we made collages based on two readings from, Giroux and Thornburg. We had a couple of minutes to gather information from members of the group to establish the main points that we wanted to focus on. Two girls from our group got up and represented our group and our ideas. Every group had a few minutes to get their groups ideas across to the rest of the class.

The first group had Thornburg’s reading and they found that the campfire was a form of teaching, as people, ‘students’  gathered together like a classroom. They also had interpreted storytelling to be a style of teaching as you have one person talking to the group around the campfire.  The other part to the reading was the watering whole, which their group found to be old fashinoned where women use to go get the water and gossip. They found it to be a informal way of learning. Last but not least was the cave. They found the cave to be a solitary place or church and that life is what we put into practice through the cave, campfire and watering whole.

Our group was second to present our ideas based on Thornburg’s metaphors on learning spaces. Our grou0p concentrated on the campfire, unlike group one whole summarised on all three. We also linked the campfire to storytelling, as you would have an older person leading the storytelling. We found that the campfire is still seen in todays practice through circle time.

The third group also linked the campfire setting to having a elder person telling the stories.  They came up with an interesting point as they found the campfire to be a involuntary place of learning as children may not want  to learn but they get forced. Another interesting point they made is that they saw the cave of not just being an actual space but being in our heads.

The last two groups were based on Giroux’s article and they found that education should be for everyone and the same but also need to interested and like what they are being taught.  This groups understanding of the reading is that men and women should know why they are learning and that privileged people have more access to education and that students have to want to learn. Group five found through the text is that believing in our selves and having others believing in us is important and that we have to go through struggle to succeed.

We then had a lecture on how to do a presentation, to prepare us for week 7’s group presentation. We were given great information such as how we should layout the presentation with a introduction, agenda, main points ect. I found this very useful but at the same time very scary. Having to get up in front of a group of people is terrifying. After the lecture our group got together to make our poster and discuss our presentation to work out who will speak about what.