This morning we discuss in our bunker groups, about how we would build self-efficacy within the people who have left the bunker. The ideas that we came up with is by encouraging one another, through compliments, positive feedback, communication with one-another to come up with a plan on how to build the world as listening and valuing one-another views or beliefs shows respect and will build on a persons confidence. Another way of building self-efficacy within the survivors could also be accomplished by the group setting out goals that they want to achieve in a certain period of time. Self-efficacy may be achieved when the group achieve their goal, as every individual would have a part of it, which may make members feel accomplishment, and motivate them to carry on building the world.

We then went on to learn about South Oxhey which consisted us watching a clip of the invisible town. I then learn about that task we have to do in study week, which is going around the university and in our groups make a poster- map which links to last weeks reading. We then had a task we had to do with our bunker groups. The task was to make a collage relating  to the reading with the key ideas. This is our unfinished poster