So, today we had another unusual lesson, I swear the lectures always seem to amaze me. This module is totally different from the others. In todays lecture we were yet again in groups, our group consisted of 6 people and this weeks group task was based on last weeks lesson, but we had to think about happened after finally being able to leave the bunker. We had to think about:

  • How will our world run
  • What world would we build
  • Plan a world and a education system
  • Think about what would be done in the word after 0years, 5 years and 10 years of leaving the bunker.

Every group got given a year that they had to discuss what they think would be done in this empty world after coming out of the bunker. We had to build a world from scratch but have to consider what would have been done, not only in the year that our group got given but the others to, for example our group was given the year 10. So we first considered what we thought would happen in year 0 then year 5 so that we could workout what would be done in year 10. This is what we come up with:


We then had to pick one person from the group to get up in front of a panel to present our ideas which the panel them commented and made note about, which are presented below:


We then went on to look at two texts that look at education,  the two texts were: Giroux article on lessons to be learned from Freire and Thornburg on metaphors of learning spaces. Everyone was in groups and we all had to read through the text and highlight important/useful information.