Today I encountered another interesting lesson that I really was not expecting first thing on a Wednesday morning. We started of with an activity that consisted of us being split into groups of 10. Which then lead us into a role play activity based on being in a bunker. We all picked at random a person that we would be and had to discuss which three people out of the 10 should stay in the bunker while the others were kicked out. The group of girls and I all had very similar ideas who we thought should stay in, luckily I was one of them. I chose at random the a couple, ‘green’ while some of the other possibilities of people were:

  • •Gay scientist
  • •Bisexual lawyer
  • •Pregnant women with a child
  • •Buddhist priest •Atheist doctor
  • •Elderly women
  • •Army officer
  • •disabled man
  • •atheist doctor
  • •unemployed person

My group ended up picking, after a 30 minute discussion, the green couple, the gay scientist and the doctor. Everyone agreed on the doctor and the gay scientist but half of the group wanted the pregnant women with the kid and others wanted the green couple, which ended up being the one that stayed. The reason why some of the girls wanted to keep the pregnant women is due to the their maternal instincts but had no actual reasons other than she’s pregnant and has a kid. The reason for the green couple staying is that in the bunker there is a green house which the couple could use to plant veg and fruit so that they have more food.

After this we went to our seminar where all the groups gave their decision on who they wanted to stay in the bunker. We then as a class discussed all the groups decisions on why they wanted these three people to stay. We then went on to look at three different opinions/statements from different people on education which we had to discuss with the person next to us. We then had to draw a portrait of our partners based on our discussion. Afterwards we compared our own self portraits to the representations that our partners made of us. Unfortunately I do not have my partners representation of me but here’s my self portrait: